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Professional Grade, Quality Assured,
Trust Made

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Professional Grade, Quality Assured,
Trust Made

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When choosing a pharmacy to partner with it’s important to confirm product AND process integrity measures are in place and are independently verified to ensure that providers and patients are receiving a safe and effective product.

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Why are Sterility tests important?
Compound pharmacies must test sterile products to ensure their safety and efficacy. This process verifies that the compounded medications meet quality standards, reducing the risk of contamination or incorrect dosages. By doing so, patients receive medications that are reliable and tailored to their needs, enhancing treatment outcomes. Providers can trust the consistency and accuracy of compounded drugs, promoting confidence in patient care. Overall, reality testing of sterile products by compound pharmacies safeguards patient health and fosters trust between healthcare professionals and patients.
Why are potency tests important?
Potency testing in general but ESPECIALLY for weight loss products is crucial to ensure patients achieve desired results. If the potency is lower than required, patients may not lose as much weight as expected, potentially leading to dissatisfaction and mistrust in their healthcare provider and pharmacy. Patients might seek alternative providers with reliable potency-tested products, impacting provider-patient relationships and continuity of care. Thus, conducting potency tests helps maintain patient satisfaction, trust, and retention, benefiting both patients and providers in the long run.
What is a Certificate of Analysis (COA)?
A Certificate of Analysis is a document provided by the manufacturer to ensure the quality and authenticity of a product. In the context of pharmaceuticals like semaglutide and tirzepatide, it serves as a verification that the medication is genuine and complies with all relevant regulations and standards. The COA is typically obtained from the manufacturer and is a crucial part of quality assurance.
Why is a COA Important?
COAs are essential because they provide assurance to healthcare providers and patients that the medication is what it claims to be and that it meets safety and quality standards. This is especially important in the case of medications like semaglutide, where concerns have arisen about counterfeit or impure products in the market. By obtaining and sharing COAs, healthcare providers can demonstrate their commitment to ensuring the purity and safety of the products they provide. COAs offer verification and trust in the pharmaceutical supply chain. They show that the pharmacy only sources medications from manufacturers registered with the FDA and adhering to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Additionally, the COA provides specific information about the product’s composition, purity, and expiration date, giving providers and patients confidence in the medication’s quality.

Our sterile team looks forward to helping you grow your practice and help your patients!

Our sterile team looks forward to helping you grow your practice and help your practice and help your patients!

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