At Southend Pharmacy, we’re all about keeping you healthy and on schedule. Ready to discover how we ensure your medications are delivered right on time? Let’s jump into our speedy shipping timelines and share some valuable insights.

Why Choose Southend Pharmacy for Your Medication Shipping?

Fast Shipping

Orders ship within 3-5 business days.

Extended Hours

Expanding hours to better serve you soon.

Heat Tested Resilience

Products retained potency when tested in >100°F degree heat.

Clear Instructions

Refrigerate upon arrival for optimal storage.

Customer Satisfaction

Overwhelmingly positive feedback on product stability.

Insulated Mailer

High-quality medical-grade foam mailers ensure safe delivery.

Addressing Multiple Prescriptions to One Address

Ordering more than once today? Tell us, and we'll try to combine them! We aim for speed and efficiency, which sometimes means multiple shipments to the same address. Thanks for understanding!

Ship Happens: Important Shipping Info

Payment First

Ensure your payment is processed prior to shipping for a seamless delivery experience.

Weekend Break

Our pharmacy is closed on weekends. Review our hours of operation for accurate shipping timelines.


Outside factors like courier delays, weather, or incorrect credit card information can delay orders.

Reliable Shipping Protection with Kangaroo Self-Expanding Foam Mailers

Reliable Shipping Protection with Kangaroo Self-Expanding Foam Mailers

Temperature Stability

Maintains stable temperatures for over 46 hours with frozen gel ice packs, ensuring your products remain viable.

Crush Resistance

The form-fitting foam cocoons your items, offering superior cushioning and tamper resistance.


Saves up to 87% of warehouse space compared to traditional EPS coolers, while reducing shipping costs.

Superior Shipping Solutions with Kangaroo Mailers:

Discover the innovative Kangaroo Self-Expanding Foam Insulated Mailer, designed to provide optimal insulation and tamper-resistant sealing for temperature-sensitive products. These mailers expand from 5/8” to nearly 3” without needing an outer carton, offering superior thermal and crush protection. Ideal for temperature-sensitive shipments, Kangaroo Mailers help reduce shipping costs and environmental impact.

Southend Pharmacy’s sterile products proved their resilience to extreme heat by enduring 100+ degrees Fahrenheit for five days in an unshielded car trunk, still retaining full potency. No cooling aids needed. This test shows our commitment to delivering top-tier, reliable medications that perform under the toughest conditions.

Shipping Questions and Answers

Turnaround time is typically 3-5 business days.

A fixed amount of $30 (in and out of Texas) via UPS. We still charge $30 each month for the 90-day package.

Yes, it’s per shipment. The second and third shipments are automatically shipped out 21-28 days after they get the current one.
We can do both (depends on what they specified on the prescription pad).
Patients need to answer the phone to verify allergies, shipping information and credit card information (where applicable). Shipments are sent between Mondays-Thursdays depending on the timing of when the Rx was received and patient responsiveness.
Syringes and alcohol pads/swaps for sterilization, and our patient guide.
Due to the nature of compounding injectable medications, rush orders are not possible. We get hundreds of go orders daily and the process to properly fill, label, and ship medications takes time. Rest assured that our pharmacy teams work as quickly as possible to fulfill orders.

No. We cannot ship to clinics that are closed on weekends. Injectable medications like semaglutide are temperature sensitive, and we cannot risk the packages sitting in hot trucks or warehouses over the weekend.

We ship with special packaging that utilizes coolers. Clinic staff and patients need to know that immediate refrigeration of the medication is critical.

No, because we don’t want the drug’s potency and efficacy will to deteriorate over time. Sending them separately each per month will maintain the drug’s ability to reach desired effects.
UPS is our exclusive partner for all shipments.
Ice packs will melt in transit, always. This is to be expected, especially with geographical variations in weather. While we can’t control its melting, we can do our best to slow it down. We plan to explore styrofoam packaging to help preserve product integrity. As long as the product is cold to touch when it arrives at its destination and then refrigerated right away upon receiving it, we should be okay.

Southend Pharmacy’s extensive has done their testing has shown that and the product is good for four days at room temperature, unopened. The potency is above 98% so in case it arrives warm, store it inside the fridge immediately.

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